Rental & Service Fees 2017

Church Worship Area:

26 benches @ 5 seats = 130 seats

Basement Hall:

1104 sqft, 11 8′ Tables, 4 4′ Tables, 150 Stackable Chairs, 15 Armchairs, Piano, VCR, Video Screen, and Easel

Description of Services Funeral/
Memorial Services
Weddings Meetings(3 Hours) One Day Meetings Monthly Occupancy
Church Rental $340 $340 $230 $320
Basement $340 $340 $220 $300
  Kitchen incl   Coffee machine   and Utensils  $65   $65
       $ 80
Pastors Fee $300 $320
Musicians *2
$200 $200
Ladies Group *1 see 1* below special
Cleaning per  *3 floor $65 $65 $65 $65

All rental application needs references.

 *1 The family is asked to provide the food, the ladies
will provide and serve coffee and tea. This is a
service to the family, but it is also a way the Ladies
Groups raise money to cover costs (supplies, laundry
and cleaning etc.) Serving 30 people $250; 60 people
$340; 90 and over $400

*2 This person is a trained professional. Members will
pay this fee also.

*3 For members all charges except these are donations
for church rentals on weddings; add $60.00 for each
floor cleaning.

Families often ask at the time of a Funeral or Memorial Service how much money should be given to the church. We at Oakridge do not charge fees. But salaries and building upkeep cost our congregation considerable money.  Therefore we appreciate it when families are gracious and give honorarium.  Members who regularly contribute to the finances of the congregation are not expected to give this honorarium.