Women Auxiliary

I hope you went through your hidden corners and did some Spring cleaning and contributed to the Thrift Sale items waiting to take a leave and be used by someone else. Someones junk can be someone else’s treasure! It’s and old saying, I just copy it here. Although the W.A. has not met in month, in the background they are still trying to be a supportive group to the congregation. More info and result of the Sale next month.                                       


A Gardeners Nightmare

The azaleas are all failures,

And the dahlias are the same.

Each lily’s willy-nilly

Looking silly – such a shame.

Each aster’s a disasster,

Each cotoneaster, too.

Morningglory tells a story

that’s so moribund and blue.

Each poppy is so sloppy

In the floppiest display.

Each lupin has been droopin’

In the most stupendous way.

The escallonia and begonia

Look forlorn and very drear.

The camellia and lobelia

just can’t conceal a tear,

The gardener wakened with a start,

Then assed his nightmare viewing:

“It served me right for dosing off,

When I should be up and doing!”

                                  by J.M. Robertson


The English Women’s Group of Oakridge Lutheran Church exists since 1965. We now have 11 members regularly meeting once a month. It is a group of women dedicated to work for the church, holding thrift sales twice a year, and a Christmas bazaar with a bake sale in November. Our meetings are usually about 3 hours, from 11 am to 2 pm at the church. Irma Dressel is the leader. If you need more  information, please contact Pastor Dorothy Chu at the church.

We welcome young and old; age doesn’t count. Anyone with a sense of humor, who loves to laugh can bring ideas. We welcome all. We begin with devotions, have lunch together, and then discuss upcoming work, or plan for events. Serving refreshments at Funerals upon request is done by the women, and appreciated by the family of the bereaved. At least once a year we take a small excursion to a nearby park for fellowship and relaxation. If you are between 20 and 95 years of age come and see who we are and what we do. We are located at 585 West 41st Avenue and can easily be reached by bus or the Canada Line. Get off at the Oakridge Station and our church building is clearly visible on the north side of 41st Ave. just west of Cambie Street.