Good morning all and again I say, Merry Christmas!

Today's text from John is yet another of 2 principal things:  The Nativity story and the Creation story.

But where is the manger and the wisemen and the shepherds and the star you ask like in the Lukan account we heard on Christmas eve?  Indeed, not here! John's story is much more cosmological and ethereal.  It speaks of what was "in the beginning".  It recounts the existence of the divine Logos for whom and from whom all things were made.  It tells of the eternal battle between light and darkness and the final triumph of light...and then right in the middle it plops John the Baptist! Dear, camel hide wearing, somewhat crazed looking, John the Baptist, howling in the wild to make straight the way of the Lord.

I have been noticing John on the fringe of the whole of the Nativity Story this year in a way I have not before.  It seems to me that in the big lead up to Jesus' birth, the saviour is hardly spoken about without John being implicated in the narrative.  I think this is because, as we, the Church, the world, hear this story again (and again, and again) John is still crying out to us " Get ready!!, It's happening, make sure you are ready when it does".

John, the unlikely herald, reminds us that God is about to "pitch a tent" among us, the God that was alive and creating "in the beginning" is coming to be flesh like us so that this same immutable God can experience that which God loves so upon grace and light of light indeed.