Pastor Matthew’s Reflections on The Baptism of the Lord:

JesusBaptizedbyJohnintheRiverJordanasSmartObject 500pxThe occasion of the Baptism of the Lord is a perfect one to remember our own baptism and the significance that sacramental act has in our lives.  But we need to remember, whether we were baptized or not, that the sacramental act of baptism is a celebration of something that has already occurred, God has already declared the creation, all that God has made, including all of humanity VERY GOOD!  that is to say, possessing a worth and a value that is imputed by the creator...which is to say...a value and a worth that cannot be taken away or diminished!!

I might suggest, as a devotional discipline for 2021 that you begin every day saying aloud to yourself or whoever is around you. "I am created very good".  That should be the beginning of every day!

Today and everyday, baptism is yet another acknowledgement that God is true to God's word, that God will not abandon what God loved in the very beginning.  That God has created a GOOD creation and that, despite everything, God is still in love with that creation.