Why are there colourful church windows and what is the meaning behind the colours?

These are called the liturgical colours which represent the seasons and events of the Christian year. They were first used by the Church of England and may have some local variations. At Oakridge Lutheran Church, these liturgical window colours make the building a distinct landmark in the Oakridge area of Vancouver BC. As a matter of fact, Lutheran pastors conducting Sunday worship service wear a vestment (robe) that includes a stole (scarf) with the matching liturgical colour for the occasion.

01_colours_if_the_church_year.jpg 02_church_front_845x908.jpg 03_Ash_Street_view_1920x1080_IMG_7261.jpg

04_front_door_1920x1080_IMG_7265.jpg 05_lobby_a_10800x1080.jpg 06_sanctuary_3_1701x1081.jpg

07_music_area_4_1920x1080.jpg 08_mfr1_e_1920x1080.jpg 09_mfr2_c_1920x1080.jpg

10_boardroom_2_1920x1080.jpg 11_BC_Synod_attending_OLC_inauguration_12-Jan-2020_1920x1080.jpg

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